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Smart Eats solutions are built on decades of experience delivering nutrition-based therapies. Our team of doctors brings expertise in nutrition, food science, and engineering. We promise to never compromise in delivering safe, delicious, and easily tolerated nutrition for your lifelong health.

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Simon Rabinowitz

Simon Rabinowitz, MD/PhD

Jake Rabinowitz

Jake Rabinowitz, PhD

MD/PhD Simon Rabinowitz is a pediatric GI with decades of expertise using nutrition-based therapy. Treating his patients, friends, and family, he’s proved that diet is a powerful tool for curing many conditions.

His son, PhD Jake, is a chemical engineer who was inspired by his father’s work and 2022’s baby formula shortage to start a company that delivers better nutrition products.

Soon after, PhD Nagendra joined them and brought his decades of experience developing world-class nutrition products for multi-national companies.

Together, we work tirelessly to design and manufacture solutions that combine the latest ingredient innovations and clinical reports to help our customers feel their best.

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Feel your best

Smart Eats Iron Lift is a powder nutrient blend designed for low iron and iron-deficiency anemia.* You can drink it or add it to yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, and more.

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We meet the top safety and quality standards.


We scrutinize every ingredient and dose for beneficial purpose.


We tell you all the ingredients we use, and why they help.

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