How Should I Use Iron Lift?

By Dr. Jake Rabinowitz

At this point, considering Iron Lift has led you to wonder: “How should I use this product?” As many have experienced, iron supplements can wreak havoc on the digestive system. That’s why — in addition to designing a better tolerated product — we provide this dosing regimen and preparation guidelines to minimize any possibility of a bad experience with Smart Eats.

How much Iron Lift should I take to begin with?

Start Iron Lift with a single scoop (about 2.5 tbsp). This scoop will provide one-third of a full daily value of iron and 90 calories. On an empty stomach, mix the scoop with 8 oz of water and enjoy it like a glass of milk. 

How long should I wait between servings?

After the first drink, wait at least four hours before a second scoop. This will give you time to ensure that you feel good! As you ease into regular use (we believe in slow-and-steady iron restoration), gradually work up to as many as four scoops per day. With three scoops per day, or 100% daily value of iron, we recommend the first scoop upon waking up, the second scoop between lunch and dinner, and the third scoop before going to bed.

Can I take all three scoops at once?

For people who want their full daily serving size in one use, that’s fine! Load up three scoops into at least 18oz of water, mix well, and drink up. In this case, you’ll get 270 calories, 15g of protein, 6g of fiber, and much more with your 100% daily intake of iron. Doing this, you can use Iron Lift to increase your daily calorie intake or to skip a regular meal/snack. 

Can I take more than one serving size per day?

Severely low iron and anemic patients may find themselves on extremely high doses of iron, such as 65 mg twice per day. For these individuals, our serving size of 100% daily iron may be insufficient. In these severe cases, it is OK to take up to four scoops per day. In fact, it would require over seven scoops to reach an “Tolerable Upper Intake Level,” which represents an amount that is “likely to pose no risk of adverse health effects.” 

Can I take Iron Lift with iron pills?

Yes! Iron Lift is perfect for providing a break from the pills. You can also use Iron Lift in between pills. Our relatively low quantity of iron means won’t suffer from iron overload due to Iron Lift. With our recipe designed to maximize iron absorption, we strive for every scoop to provide as much absorbed iron as a regular pill. 

What is the best way to mix Iron Lift powder into water?

Let’s now discuss how to take Iron Lift. Mixing in warm or room temperature drinking water is best (cold water will less easily dissolve the powder). Blending is also best. In a blender, as little as 10 oz of water is recommended per 3 scoops of powder. You can add fruit, protein powder, or other fix-ins to make a delicious iron smoothie. Shaking is second-best. In a shaker, at least 12 oz of water is recommended.

How can I completely mix powder into water with a spoon?

While stirring your drink is easiest, it requires a bit more precision. We recommend at least 6 oz of water per scoop. With experience, you should adjust the amount of water to your taste preference (less water makes a creamier drink). To maximize the the powder’s dissolving, use the following technique: (1) Add 1 oz hot water (per scoop) to a glass; (2) Add scoop(s) of powder; (3) Mix well; (4) Add 3-5 ice cubes; (5) Mix well; (6) Add 4 oz  cool water (per scoop); (7) Mix well.

In this technique, the hot water helps dissolve the powder, while the ice cubes mimic the effect of a shaker and bring the temperature to an enjoyable level. The cool water lets the rest of the powder dissolve. 

Can I consume Iron Lift powder with other drinks or foods?

Yes! We made Iron Lift taste great to give users flexibility and avoid the fatigue of redundant drinks. One option is to exchange water for cow- or plant-based milk. Another option is to use it in coffee or tea, in lieu of milk or cream. Finally, you can incorporate Iron Lift into solid foods, especially those with a dairy base. That includes adding it to yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, grits, creamy soup, or even mashed potatoes or ice cream. As you come up with even more creative solutions, we’d love to hear your testimonial!

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