Why Does Low Iron Cause Low Energy?

By Dr. Jake Rabinowitz


  • Low iron causes low energy. 
  • Low iron reduces oxygen levels in cells, preventing cells from generating energy. 
  • Iron Lift provides highly absorbed iron and other nutrients for boosting energy. 

Does low iron cause low energy?

Yes — low energy (chronic fatigue syndrome) is the most common symptom of low iron. If you stay tired after endless coffee and regular naps, low iron may be to blame. Keep reading to learn more about why this symptom occurs and how you can fix it. 

How does the body make energy?

To understand why low iron causes low energy, consider how the body makes energy. Nutrients in food are converted to energy through a specific chemical process called the citric acid cycle. This process generates ATP, which is the molecule that cells use for energy. 

Why is oxygen related to energy levels?

The conversion of nutrients from food into energy uses oxygen. Specifically, oxygen is needed as an “electron acceptor” to help synthesize the molecules that convert ADP (the used-up form of energy) into ATP (the useful form of energy). Without sufficient availability of oxygen, the aerobic energy generation process slows or stops. 

How does iron relate to energy generation?

Iron is essential for delivering oxygen to the insides of cells, where energy generation occurs. Iron is a component of hemoglobin, the oxygen-binding protein that is present in red blood cells for transporting oxygen throughout the body. When iron levels are low, hemoglobin levels drop (as in anemia) along with other indicators of red blood cell health. Therefore, low iron prevents the body from adequately providing oxygen to cells. 

Why does iron cause low energy?

In conclusion, iron prevents sufficient levels of oxygen from getting to cells. These cells require oxygen to generate energy in the form ATP. So with low levels of iron, cells are unable to generate sufficient levels of energy. In turn, people with low iron experience chronically low energy that is not fixed by caffeine, extra sleep, or other typical solutions. 

How can you fix your low energy?

Iron Lift is a unique solution for your low energy. It has highly absorbed iron and many more energy-boosting ingredients, including vitamin B12, simple carbohydrates, and MCT oil. If you’re ready to say goodbye to sleepy mornings and afternoons, try out Iron Lift. A single serving in the morning can replace your coffee and your breakfast, and it’ll have you feeling energized all day! 


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  • Dr. Jake Rabinowitz

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