Prologue – What is Iron?

Prologue – What is Iron?

Navigating our blog, you will learn all about low iron, whether it affects you, and how you can resolve any deficiencies you face. As a precursor to your wellness journey, you may be wondering what exactly is iron? If that’s the case, keep reading. However, if you simply want to start feeling your best, skip ahead to

Iron is a chemical element, meaning that it is a specific type of material that cannot be broken down into a constituent substance. Iron is a type of metal, which generally refers to materials that are shiny and good conductors of heat and electricity.


Why do we eat iron?

With this knowledge, you may be wondering, “Why would we eat iron?” That’s a topic for Chapter 1. Here, we can say that iron is the most abundant element on earth, accounting for about 80% of the planet’s mass. Because of this huge presence, nearly all living organisms have evolved to require iron to support their normal biological activity, where iron is helpful due to its ability to exist in multiple ionic states (i.e., Fe+2 and Fe+3). As a result, iron can facilitate chemical reactions that help cells perform their required tasks.  

Next Chapter

Now, you’re ready to continue to Chapter 1, learn about what it means to be “low iron,” and understand why this condition occurs. 


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