Chapter 5 – Why is Iron Lift Different?

What makes an iron supplement great?

We think Iron Lift is the best supplement around. Here, we back it up.

A good supplement should increase iron levels without causing side effects. A great supplement should deliver added benefits. Iron Lift does both and tastes like the bottom of a milkshake. 

How much iron gets absorbed by the body?

Increasing iron levels requires supplying iron that is available to the body. In the non-heme supplement form, only up to 33% of ingested iron is typically absorbed, and this absorption rate decreases as the dose size increases. 

Iron Lift Cookies and Cream -- Back

What makes iron bioavailable?

Iron bioavailability depends on the form of the nutrient, and other nutrients taken with the iron. In Iron Lift, we ensure bioavailability by use of the ferric glycinate, which has been shown to be more bioavailable than the standard ferrous sulfate. We next ensure bioavailability by inclusion of vitamin C, which enhances iron absorption through its protective binding to iron in the stomach. This effect also allows us to protect the iron from the inhibitory effects of the other nutrients Iron Lift provides. 

What makes iron tolerable?

Taking a reasonable iron dose with other foods is how to maximize tolerance. Iron Lift offer 100% DV iron per 15g protein, 6g prebiotic fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and more. These components protects you from having to absorb iron on an empty stomach and experience GI issues. They also deliver everything else your body needs to thrive. 

What other nutrients are needed for low iron and anemia?

Even still, Iron Lift does way more for low iron. It includes vitamins B12, D, E, and folate, as well as magnesium and selenium — all of which are implicated in anemia. It also provides prebiotic and anti-inflammatory nutrients that manage bad microbes and inflammatory immune cells, both of which inhibit iron absorption.

Does Iron Lift really taste like the bottom of a milkshake?

The bottom of a milkshake is a collection of all the delicious, melted liquid. It’s how you might feel drinking Iron Lift. Our use of milk powder, good fats, natural vanilla flavoring, and a bit of sugar lets us truly call Iron Lift a healthy treat! 

You can drink it in water, milk, or plant-based milk. You can add it to coffee or tea. You can mix it into cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, grits, or any other food amenable to dairy. Smart Eats iron is packaged within flavors you know and love, to ensure you never have to taste the metal again.

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  • Jake Rabinowitz

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