Chapter 13 – How Low Iron Affects Men

By Dr. Jake Rabinowitz


  • Many problems faced by men relate to low iron. 
  • Low iron can contribute to hair loss and male pattern baldness. 
  • Low iron can impair sexual drive and performance. 
  • Low iron can prevent muscle growth. 
  • Iron Lift can help men achieve optimal iron levels. 

Why is Low Iron Overlooked in Men?

There are many negative consequences of low iron in men. Yet because iron deficiency is more common in women, the impact of iron on men’s health is often overlooked. Here, we’ll discuss some common problems that affect men and can be helped by better iron levels.  

Low Iron Can Cause Male Pattern Baldness

Iron deficiency is known to contribute to hair loss. In one study, 23% of patients with male pattern hair loss had low iron levels, while 0% of control patients with healthy hair had low iron. This correlation between low iron and hair loss occurs because the body delivers less oxygen to hair follicles and synthesizes less keratin (the main component of hair). 

Low Iron Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Iron deficiency is also known to contribute to erectile dysfunction. In one study, 27% of patients with erectile dysfunction had anemia, a prevalence that is ~10x higher than in the total male population. Low iron can cause erectile dysfunction because the body delivers less oxygen to the penis, preventing it from getting hard.  

Low Iron Can Reduce Sex Drive

In addition to causing ED, iron deficiency is known to lower sperm quality. Males with iron-deficiency anemia and beta thalassemia have been shown in numerous studies to have reduced sperm count, lower sperm quality, and infertility. All of these factors can reduce sex drive and cause low libido in men. 

Low Iron Prevents Muscle Growth

Iron deficiency is known to reduce muscle mass and tone. A study including thousands of men found that having low ferritin was significantly correlated with having low muscle mass. Low iron can reduce muscle mass because iron is required to activate and strengthen muscles. 

Which Men are at Risk for Low Iron

Risk factors for iron deficiency in men include being vegetarian (or otherwise eating very little meat), being a long-distance runner, having gastrointestinal disorders, having chronic diseases, being on certain medications, being a bariatric patient, and having frequent blood loss. In addition, certain people are genetically disposed to being low iron or having poor iron absorption. 

Achieving Optimal Iron Levels with Iron Lift

Whether you have low iron levels or are in the normal range, any of the above issues may be solved by adding a good source of iron to your daily regimen. Iron Lift is a tasty and easily digested drink powder specifically formulated to deliver highly absorbed iron, along with many other beneficial ingredients. 

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  • Jake Rabinowitz

    Dr. Jake Rabinowitz is an engineering PhD and author of 10 peer-reviewed publications with over 150 citations. He has expertise in nutrition science and food manufacturing. Across his career, he has held positions in engineering, consulting, IP, and management. He founded Smart Eats in 2022 to deliver better nutrition solutions. You can learn more on his LinkedIn Profile and Google Scholar Profile.

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