Frequently Asked Questions

A: Iron Lift is a nutrition supplement by Smart Eats designed for low iron and iron-deficiency anemia.

A: Low iron and iron deficiency anemia are serious conditions requiring an increase in iron ingestion. Iron lift contains 100% DV of bioavailable iron, plus many other nutrients that can help with the causes and symptoms of these conditions.*

A: The FDA requires a disclaimer on all supplement products designed for health benefits. Even with this disclaimer, the contents of the product have to justify the claims that are made. In other words, we don’t just say “for low iron” — we back it up!

A: It is the first (to our knowledge) nutrition supplement designed specifically for low iron and iron-deficiency anemia. You no longer have to choose between a handful of pills and a generic daily supplement! Learn more in our blog.

A: If you have any history of sensitivity to supplements, ease into it with a single scoop in water. You can progress into more scoops, added to milk, coffee, or tea for variety. You can also add it over cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, grits, or any other dairy-compatible food. Read more about this important question in our blog.

A: Of course! Iron Lift is a perfect compliment to use when needing a break from your pills. You can also use Iron Lift in between (start with a single scoop), as needed. 

A: Yes! With iron’s crucial role in circulation, energy, mood, strength, digestion, and more, almost everyone could use it to help feel their best. While very high iron levels can also be a problem, the dose size in Iron Lift is not likely to cause iron overload.

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